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Mustang Wireline Services is owned and operated by a Leadership Group with more than 40 years of wireline history in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.


Our Mission is simple. It is to deliver value to our customers by providing the most safe and efficient wireline services with a focus on superior customer service.


  • Conventional (Thru Tubing, Scalloped, and Slick Wall Gun Systems)
  • Pump Down and Vertical Stage Perforating, EB and Addressable Systems
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)-Pressure Activated, Time Delayed, Drop Ball, Drop Bar
  • Dual Fire Gamma Gun Perforating

Cased-Hole Logging

  • Radial Cement Bond Log Evaluation (1-11/16 and 2-3/4 Tools)
  • Standard Cement Bond Log
  • Gamma Ray/CCL
  • Temperature
  • Casing Collar Log
  • Stuck Pipe Log
  • Depth Determination
  • Slim Hole Tools
  • Cased Hole Neutron (Third Party Tool Conveyance)

Mechanical Services

  • Setting Tools (Baker and Go Style)
  • Setting Tool (Hydraulic)
  • Plug/Packer Setting
  • Cement Retainer Setting
  • Dump Bailer Services (Cement/Sand)
  • Gauge Ring/Junk Basket
  • Slim Hole Tools
  • Cast Iron & Composite Plugs (Bridge/Frac)
  • Cast Iron & Composite Cement Retainers

Pipe Recovery

  • Free Point Indication Tools
  • Chemical Cutters
  • Jet Cutters
  • Backoff/String Shot
  • Split Shot
  • Stuck Pipe Log
  • Slim Hole Tools

Hoist Services

  • Mobile Crane Units
  • Crane Operators ( NCCCO Certified )
  • Derrick/Mast Trailers

Other Services

  • Well Tractor Conveyance
  • Third Party Tool Conveyance (Gyros, Production Logging Tools, Downhole Cameras, Fishing tools, etc)
  • Light Tower Rentals (WANCO Long Run, High Efficiency LED Technology)

Pressure Control

  • 5K Grease Pressure Control Packages
  • 10k Grease Pressure Control Packages
  • Up to 7” Lubricator Packages


With an experienced, senior employee base, as well as extensive safety practices, policies, and procedures, Mustang boasts a zero OSHA recordable safety record since the initial purchase in May 2015. Our employees are PEC SafeLand trained, HazMat, USDOT and Oilfield Explosive API RP-67 trained and qualified. We implement and maintain a managed, third party drug testing program. We are partnered with ISNetworld, Veriforce, and Avetta for our Safety Administration and Compliance Management. We have a dedicated, HSE Manager on Staff, as well as a contracted Safety Administrator, who also oversees our Safety Program and insures our compliance.

HSE Manager

Matt Lyons

Safety Director Contact:

Eric Rosemann

Eric Rosemann & Associates, LLC.

Contractor Safety Compliance Affiliates:

Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Affiliates for Drug and Alcohol Program Management:

Contractor Safety Compliance Affiliates:

Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Affiliates for Drug and Alcohol Program Management:


We are an equal opportunity employer offering competitive wages and benefits. Mustang Wireline is always on the lookout for quality individuals looking to join our team.   We prefer industry experience, but we also consider those that possess the right attitude, work ethic, and demonstrate commitment to our high standard of service quality and customer service.

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